Advertise on Devour

If you represent an awesome company looking to get your awesome video or awesome commercial in front of some awesome people, then you've come to the right place, Mr. Awesome. Behold: Our sponsorship opportunities.

Devour's most prominent placement. This 300 x 170 spot appears on the front page of the site, and has an identical look and feel as the other hand-picked videos (save for a small red "Ad" button below the title), garnering a high CTR. And just like the other videos on Devour, this Sticky Video spot links to a permalink direct URL of the advertiser's video, along with a title and a short description/call to action, where the advertiser can include up to three links offsite (to their own site, for example).

This unique sponsorship opportunity allows an advertiser to offer a subtly branded custom background skin that's shown behind every video on the site. This site skin is 1600 x 1000, and design possibilities are endless. Past advertisers include Mercedes, Intel, Best Buy, Columbia Outerwear, and Land Rover.

A handsome 940 x 60 banner that lives on the front page of This one is perfect for branding, as it is the only banner-style advertisement offered on the site. The Skinny Banner is only available in a package with the two above offerings. And it's never rotated with another company's ad.

Email our ad gal for pricing, details, and free fortune tellings.

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